Older than dirt or, perhaps, old enough to know better as the immortal John Lennon used to put it, I have delusions of grandeur.  Perhaps I should say that I am hanging on to the last, fraying threads of delusions of grandeur.  At any rate, against all advice and odds, I write about whatever strikes, politics, pop culture, the media, the world.  It’s a big world out there, bigger than any of us and I make no assumption that I understand it.

I am the bystander, sometimes a direct observer; more like an observer once removed. I read newspapers (yes, in paper form – on the doorstep every morning) and books (some electronic, some in old fashioned print).  I have just discovered Netflix, streaming Netflix that is, although I find that most of the offerings are of absolutely no interest to my aging sensibilities.  It’s not like I’m Neflix’s marketing department’s desired demographic anyway.

Age has given me, not exactly wisdom, but perhaps perspective.  So, I will blog, even if it’s only an echo chamber.  Enter if you dare.