Theresa May and the Grenfell Dragon

Poor Theresa May.  She’s had a rough six months.  Three homegrown and/or lonewolf terrorist attacks, an unnecessary election that backfired and now the Grenfell disaster.   The question isn’t how she’s going to govern with the Democratic Unionist Party riding herd, it is how long she’ll last as Prime Minister at all.

I’m not sure what the betting odds are that she’ll be able to keep her office, but I’m willing to bet she’ll be gone as soon as the Conservatives can remove her with a minimum of fuss.  I figure that would be right around the Europe/British summer holidays, i.e. August 2017.   Everyone’s out of town about that time and no one will care about politics.

The British Pre-Brexit Adventure continues, but not in the way anyone would have expected or anticipated.   The terrorist attacks, two in the heart of London and one in the heart of Manchester, were very effective.  They garnered hours of coverage on BBC, so much so that even the insular American television networks pulled their snouts out of the Trump Administration feed trough just long enough to send over a few correspondents.

In future, before a Prime Minister calls for a snap election, someone should check to see that all the guns have been cleaned first.  This backfiring business points to bad gun maintenance, not to mention hubris or, perhaps, just plain stupidity.   A little preparatory target practice would not go amiss, either.

Meanwhile, we find that the election, if not the polls (new saying, “assuming the polls are correct makes an ass out of you and me”) pulled Britain back from Brexit and Conservative government to a more global, Laborist view. The fact that Labor in the person of the stubbornly petulant Jeremy Corbyn was relentlessly ridiculed throughout the last six months was neither here nor there.  Unrelenting ridicule, as it turns out, may have been the best campaign strategy of all.

The Grenfell disaster points out that all that bitching during Prime Minister’s Questions comes from real problems.  The NHS is underfunded, both on the supply and demand sides.  Public housing, especially in the exorbitantly expensive city of London, is neglected to the point of criminality.  The educational system remains elitist, dependent upon money and class rather than merit.  Jihadis have infiltrated Muslim neighborhoods all over the country, feeding on despair and hiding in plain sight.

Much of the apparent voter turnaround has been attributed to who voted in one election as opposed to another.  It has been posited that older, disenfranchised people voted in the Brexit Referendum, just barely pushing it to the exit side, while younger, more globalist people voted in May’s snap election.  One of the most surprising things about the snap election was the fact that the Scottish National Party seemed to lose its steam for independence.  The world energy glut and the slumping price of oil may have had something to do with that.

The good thing about President Trump is that he has given us, as Americans, an indelible  picture of a president who has no leadership skills.  He has, rather, bullying skills – not the same thing.  Theresa May does not seem to be a bully.  Worse, however, she looks to be a coward,  especially in view of her  behavior in the ongoing Grenfell disaster.  She’s no Churchill.  She’s not Thatcher.  Even that slickster, David Cameron, is starting to look good right about now.

Even the Queen, decked out in one of those absurd mad hatter hats, showed up to talk to people at the burnt out Grenfell shell, giving comfort in her distant, regal way.  Corbyn showed up as well, hugging people, listening, giving reassurance.  May showed up only to scurry back to her black SUV amid boos and catcalls, making a beeline for the safety (for now) of 10 Downing.

President Trump may be a bully but he’s no coward.  May deserves to be gone.


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