Saved by Bashar al-Assad

Go figure. The Donald Administration so far has had a terrible 100 day roll out, what with the Inauguration non-crowds, being stymied by Congressional divisions when it came to repealing Obamacare and the immigration/travel ban grinding to a judicial halt.  Along comes a tin pot dictator by the name of Bashar al-Assad who unleashes chemical warfare on his own people (shades of Saddam Hussein).  This prompts the Trump people into decisive action.

Not rhetoric, action.  Approximately 60 Tomahawk missiles from a warship on the Med and Trump’s a hero.  Just like that.  The press, taken aback, shuts up and the everlasting cable discussion panels start jabbering about old school conflict with the Russians.

Fortune, such as it is, has taken a turn, sort of.  Strangely, the topic all weekend was not about our deteriorating relationship with Putin.  It was whether Steve Bannon and Jered Kushner can learn to get along.  Nothing more interesting than palace intrigue.  A victory of sorts for our Florida/golf loving president.  Melania even made an appearance, a sphinx in arriviste designer clothes.

The mini-summit with the Chinese seems to have gone fairly well (Walmart and Target are still selling those Chinese made t-shirts for cheap), and of course the foregone conclusion that Mr. Gorsuch would join the Supreme Court did not go amiss.  The Washington Post (New Tagline:  Democracy Dies in Darkness) took the downtime opportunity to do a piece on Steve Bannon’s history and finances, which was interesting and somewhat alarming.  The takeaway?  Bannon is not the standup, cardboard Darth Vader many thought.  As always, real life is more complicated than movies and/or election campaigns.  You have to admire Mr. Bannon’s willingness to persist and learn, if not his beliefs, such as they are.  Most important, you can see why Donald J. likes him.

Mr. Bannon, on perusal of said article, is a Mark Levin/Laura Ingraham, Deep State, The World is Coming to an End, Breaking Bad, Zombie Apocalypse conspiracy theorist.  He resides in the world of hydrogen bomb explosion stock footage and the sort of scenes they used in the film Reefer Madness back in the days of yore.

Alarming, true, but not out of character for our dear Donald J.  It’s not rocket science, or even good history.  It is, however, compelling on a National Enquirer level, which may be the key to whole Trump phenomenon.  The jury’s out on the other side of the triangle, Jered Kushner, mostly because he’s a political nonentity at this point.  Give that one time.

So, score one and a half for the Donald Administration.  I don’t count the folksy Gorsuch as a whole point because he was a shoo in.  On to tax reform (now taken off the table for more study) and a return to the redoubt of Obamacare.


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