Interims:  A – Acceptable (With a Warning)

The news people tell me it’s been a month since the Donald’s inauguration.  Already?  Time does fly.  At any rate, time for an interim grade. Should be mid-terms in about, say, May or so, right before Memorial Day.

First thing’s first:  interim grade.  I had some trouble with this one.  I have done no research on what other new administrations have accomplished in their first 30 days, so I have no context in which to judge the Donald Administration.  There are conflicting reports (read:  opinions backed up by cherry picked facts).  Some say that most administrations hit the ground running; some report that it takes six months or so to get things going.  I could do the research but, really, I have better things to do, besides people will not be persuaded one way or the other once they’ve made up their minds.

Rather than following the British method (levels) or the American method (A, B, C, D, F) I prefer the Hogwarts grading system:  O – Outstanding, E – Exceeds Expectations, A – Acceptable, P – Poor, D – Dreadful and the feared T – Troll.

 As it stands now, I figure it’s somewhere between Acceptable and Poor, with a dose of Dreadful.  We haven’t had enough time to fall to Troll and the Donald Administration is nowhere near Exceeds Expectations.  No one gets an Outstanding in the first 30 days, nor would it be fair to slap a T on the whole thing and call it a day.

So, how does the Donald Administration? 

I’m going for an unenthusiastic Acceptable, I guess.  The immigration ban muddle, Mr. Spicer’s rough start, the muzzling of a runaway Conway, the funny business Flynn thing and Donald’s chaotic news conference of last week are not encouraging.  Add the fact that the Cabinet is full of last century’s military/industrial complex in addition to some Congressional Republican side eye, and you’ve not got a recipe for long-term success. 

Donald, weary of unrelenting nit-picking and yelling critics, rallied his base in South Carolina and Florida soon after, to a sneering national press which, unfortunately, provided a much too clear picture of the chattering class’ mindset.  My point?   Let’s leave Professor Snape to his dungeon for the time being and go with the hopeful if stern Professor McGonagall.  Perhaps Donald J. will grow into it.



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