Rogue One

We never go to the movies anymore.  They are too loud, with that low rider bass that rattles up through the soles of your feet like some ominous earthquake; the plots are silly as well, or retro, or retro to, say, the 90’s.  Because my retro is the ’70’s, you’ll forgive me if I don’t quite follow, or choose not to follow, as the case may be.

At any rate, the abovementioned movie was good.  An erstwhile friend of mine reviewed it on another site, stating that it was a war movie.  And it is.  Without the endless complications of the Skywalker family, you can finally tell a decent story; beginning, middle, end, all in one film.  These days that’s a novel idea.

My favorite character was supposed to be Jin(n) Erso (spelling?) but I ended up liking the blind guy the best.  He literally talked himself into being a Jedi, the best wannabe Jedi I have ever seen (and I’ve seen plenty).  The real magic of course was his friendship with his gun toting guardian.  This brings the franchise out of the Force cloud and puts it solidly back on the ground of some no-name planet, hopefully not in the sights of the Death Star.

As for the rest, the scenery is gorgeous, the acting is superb, the dialogue works and they did not try to sneak in a tragic love story at the end. Thank you for sticking to your genre guns.  We’ll let the fan fic writers go on about that; the subject should provide enough material to get all the Star Wars fanatics through ’til next December.

My only criticism was that Darth Vader did not look like himself, or move like himself.  If you look at the old movies, say, A New Hope, you find that Vader dominates every scene he’s in. This Vader was much too thin and moved with far less finesse.  I blame the current Hollywood insistence on super skinny actors, which is even worse than it was forty years ago and the contemporary inability to be truly grand.

And so the holidays pass.  The Force was sort of with us, in the subtle and personal way that faith is.  That was the best part.



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